First impression counts  don't screw yours up with an
average resume

Every day employers are bombarded with thousands of job applications. According to the National Citizen Service, it takes recruiters an average of 8.8 seconds to determine whether your CV makes it to the next round or lands at the bottom of the trash bin - that’s less than how long it took you to read this sentence! That means your CV needs to stand out if you want them to at least read it.

Fortunately, in the age I am calling "Europass mediocrity" you can and should be well above average.

After 9 months of searching, a friend recommended Klemen who helped me enormously by strengthening up my LinkedIn profile, providing me with professional advice, and designing the CV. My employer eventually found me on LinkedIn and I started getting invitations to numerous job interviews, which I could previously count with one hand, almost immediately.
— Amel Murgič, Technical Support & Development Specialist at Braskem Europe
After Klemen designed my CV, I’ve not only gotten invited to interview for all the jobs I applied to, but also had recruiters say things like: “I have to admit, this is the most state-of-the-art CV I’ve ever seen!”. Knowing Klemen and his drive to help others, he will go out of his way to help you grow and succeed both personally and professionally.
— Sara Stojanovski, Project Manager at Parsek d.o.o.
With his sense for making things look simple & attractive, Klemen made me an outstanding CV and I know you’ll be amazed when he’s done with yours. It’ll make you feel good about yourself and most importantly - it’ll put you on a pedestal in front of your target audience: the employer.
— Dunja Kristan, Digital Content Manager at GOAT STORY
Klemen knew how to combine the right content, wording & form and package it into this great design. It gave me the confidence to move forward to a new chapter in my career. I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to boost his/her career or just wants to have a badass CV.
— Maja Zivanović, Marketing Assistant at GlaxoSmithKline

I was in this vicious circle as a young student just 5 years ago

I started off with no experience, no formal training or education, and no network whatsoever... No one was crazy enough to give me a job. But I believed (and I still believe) that few problems cannot be solved without putting your mind to it.  So I made a plan...



I’ll design your CV according to my own personal template

You can choose your color, too :)

Over the years, I kept adding new sections, continuously polishing and perfecting it down to the last detail. Today I'm making it available to you, for free.



A Standout Resume Is Not Enough

Tips, tricks, inspirational thoughts & stories from the people I know and respect, that will help you be above average.