Hi, I'm Klemen,

5 years ago I was struggling with getting my first job in the advertising industry, an industry I was in love with. Even while in my freshman year, I knew a degree would mean nothing in the eyes of potential employers (every year around 700 students graduate - and that's just the faculty I enrolled in!).

I believed I had the chops and could be successful if somebody would just give me a chance to learn and gain experience so I could get my career rolling. The problem was, I never met that somebody.

One time I even sent an email to a company that was looking to fill a junior marketing position telling them I’d work for free.

For free! ... And they still turned me down...


A different approach

As I got interested in marketing, I noticed that I wasn’t using any of its basic principles when presenting myself to potential employers. I crammed my CV into a Word document and my online presence was virtually nonexistent - if you’d google me, the only thing you’d get were Facebook images. You could say my brand value was basically in the dumps.

So I opened up a blog, wrote 3 posts, designed a custom CV and became active in a student marketing club.

Yeah - that was it. I got the job on the spot on my first interview!

Now, I'm not saying this was the best strategy the job market ever saw. I'm just saying that because my peers were setting low standards when presenting themselves, it was enough to lift me well above average.

And well above average was enough to land me my first job. After countless months of sending out applications, my career finally began rolling in the right direction. All I needed to do was steer it there.


Why is
Your CV Project

It's free because, pretty selfishly, I want to be the guy that helps at least one young job-seeker get their snowball rolling - or helps them mount their first wave, just like Mr. Push helped me when I was learning to surf in Bali.


Your  CV may be one of the most important projects you ever design

Of course, this is a massive exaggeration. I've written it because I wanted something impactful on the homepage :) ...

I strongly believe you will do awesome, big and important projects, that will touch a lot of lives over the course of your career.

... and also because there is some truth in it.

I'm talking about the importance of starting something. Like going to the gym or running for the first day. That day is by far the most important day - because, without it, there would be nothing.


So look at your CV as a start to being above average

You really owe it to yourself (sorry for being cheesy).

When you get used to being above average and comfortable with the feeling, you can unleash it into all other areas of your life.