Yep, it’s 100% free!

BUT… there's always a but :)

Before you turn in your resume, we need to make a deal: I’ll gladly help you out for free, but in return you have to promise me you’ll invest 150% of your effort into preparing the content. Each individual CV will be prepared by hand, nothing is automated, so designing each one requires effort and my main goal is that you are successful. Content of your CV is much, much more important than visual look of it.

What doesn't count as "giving 150%":

  1. Preparing your content in an hour (try 1 whole weekend instead)
  2. Having 1 grammar mistake (yep - even one is not acceptable)
  3. Not having your LinkedIn on the “All-star level” (Getting to All-star level)
  4. Having a bad quality or a nonprofessional photo (selfies are a no-no)
  5. Not having at least 1 testimonial

Step-by-step guide:

Optimize Your LinkedIn profile!

Read and follow all of the advice in Zoran's article:
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for More Exposure

Prepare your CV content with care and solemnity

  1. Start with Google

  2. Read 10 Things NOT to Include in Your CV That are Crucial

  3. Be sure to take your time!

  4. write the CV content in English

Have someone check your grammar

Having grammar mistakes in your CV is simply not acceptable. If you’re not specialized in writing and not a native English speaker, hire an expert or ask a friend who is studying English to go through your content. If you don’t feel like paying up, you can use this nifty tool to correct your basic grammar mistakes - but keep in mind that this will only show you the most critical issues in the text and that it won’t be able to write up good content instead of you.

Ask for advice in our YCVP Facebook group

Here you can post questions and learn as much as you can from each other. Join the private closed group here

Double-check your grammar

I can’t stress this enough. Double check your content before submission.

Get a testimonial

Ask someone you’ve worked with before to write you a letter of recommendation. Triple check your text for grammar mistakes :)


Done everything on the list?

Well then - let’s continue! :)



Only submissions that are without any mistakes and are well prepared will be designed - others will be rejected by default. Because of the number of submissions I receive, I cannot service everybody - please don’t be angry. To avoid getting your submission rejected carefully go through each of the steps listed above :)